Sunday, June 25, 2017

What is lost must be found...

and I finally found it!!  Somehow it got underneath the plastic 'shoe box' that I keep my leftover bindings in.  Now it's back by my longarm (Mo'e) where it belongs.

This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gotten the binding box out to sort through for smaller bits for the pineapple scrap quilt I'm working on.  I have 21 blocks done, but realize that I would really like to aim for 42 so that it will end up about 66" x 77"... Ok, I just went to Bonnie K. Hunter's website ( the pattern will finish at 78.5"x 78.5" WITH sashing and borders  BUT only requires 36 blocks.  I'll go with that because I'm running low on scrap yellow fabrics that I can use for the centers and corners.

Before working on the Pineapple Blossom ( pineapple scrap quilt), I worked on the crazy mom quilts quilt a long... I'm not only caught up, I kinda jumped the gun and started assembling the blocks - that may not have been a good thing - we'll see when the new week's instructions come out.  I think I may have cut out cornerstone blocks that I don't need.

This doesn't sound like much, but it was... I actually accomplished a lot today and hope to get more done tomorrow.

Bedtime soon so


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Woo Hoo!!

I finally got the additional blocks done and attached to the charity quilt that was hanging on my design wall TOO LONG.  Backing has been pieced and binding made - now I just need to load it onto Mo'e.
Since I finished that, I went on to work on my other charity quilt that I'm doing as a quilt along with crazy mom quilts.  I did the string pieces a little differently than she did ( is doing); I use phone book pages for foundation piecing - it just works easier for me.  Tonight, I started trimming the string blocks from 5"x 9" roughly down to 4.5"x8.5" and took the green fabric that was left over from the previous charity quilt and it's backing to cut into 8.5" squares.. I need 12 total... got 4 of one fabric and 8 of the other.  Then I had to go digging for cornerstone fabric - ended up with blue and it's going to be several shades because I'm digging into my personal stash for the solids that I need.

Here's what I have so far... this is not the way they'll be when I'm done - I just wanted them up on the design wall where I could see them.
I have a feeling that there should be sashing between the blocks... I have to go back to her blog to check; I don't think they look right butted up to each other.

Ok, that's it for tonight... tomorrow, I'll probably trace the next block for my June UFO - only two left -- wheeee!!


Friday, June 23, 2017

UFO and QAL updates

There's really not a lot to report... I've been working on both the UFO for this month ( Vintage Tin) and the QAL with crazymomquilts?
I didn't get the latest block for Vintage Tin traced out until Monday but I started right in on the embroidery and got a little bit done that night.  Tuesday night, I did a little more...

By the end of Wednesday night, I was able to say that it's half done.
Last night, I continued ...
and I only have this much left to do.
Hubby has an appointment with his cardiologist and then is scheduled for a CT scan this afternoon and I'm going to 'bite the bullet' ( I don't like taking things like this out of the house for fear of losing) and take it with me to work on while I wait.

Yesterday, I also finished the string blocks for the QAL.. infact, I have one extra.  I got all the papers removed from the backs but haven't started cutting the inner blocks because I wanted to add the two more blocks to the charity quilt that's hanging on my design wall first.

 Problem is, now I can't find the pattern!!!  I've started cleaning my sewing room in hopes that it will show up.. it can't have gone that far; I was just using it!

Hubby's yelling "ready to go?"  ( the appointment isn't until 1:15 and we don't need to leave for at least 10 minutes) so I guess I'd better end this now.


Footnote:  It's now almost 11 pm... I finished the embroidery on the current block a few minutes ago... AND I found the MIA pattern.  After all the scouring and searching I did yesterday to no avail; today, I walk into the room this afternoon and there the pattern is - peaking out from underneath another pattern behind my sewing machine.  I started piecing, but had to quit when I realized that I'd given myself food poisoning this afternoon when I ate some REALLY OLD tortilla chips.

TTYL (again)

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Well, that block I've been working on is finished... I still have three to go.
Sometime between now and tomorrow night, I need to get the tracing done on the next block so that I can work on it while watching tv tomorrow night - not that I'm sure there's going to be anything on that I want to see... maybe Hallmark has a new release?

I went down to The Hen House today for the needed advice on my Amish with a Twist ll  BOM that I quit working on  I thought I had royally screwed up May's block.  Janice measured my blocks and they are fine ... a couple are a little off, but nothing that can't be fudged.  Whew!!   Now to find the time to get back to working on the remaining blocks and get the top together & quilted.  

I ALMOST made it out the door of THH without getting distracted by all the eye candy... ALMOST!  I slowed down by the sale display where the fabrics are reduced to $8 a yard and that was my mistake... I thought at first that I was safe and didn't see anything that 'spoke' to me, but then... this one didn't 'speak', it 'meowed'...
The colors are much brighter in person... anyway, I was going to buy 5 yds - enough for a backing if nothing else.  Well, there was only 6 yds left on the bolt and if I wanted to finish the bolt, I could get it for $6 a yard - well, who can't use an extra yard of fabric!  Especially when it's basically FREE...  

I have no idea what I will do with it... maybe I'll see what the repeat is - could be a OneBlockWonder if there's enough.

I can't remember if I told you that I sent my cousin's quilt off to her on Thursday... it arrived today, but I only know that because I had tracking on the package.  I'm dieing to hear SOMETHING from her.  Oh!... this is the quilt I'm talking about...

Most of the fabrics in the quilt are from the fabric stash that her late sister had accumulated before her death.  I did have to add some of my own here and there - mainly the background fabric and the backing.  I'm very proud of my quilting - Mo'e behaved himself very well while using Glide and MagnaGlide thread; they seem to make a very good team.  I really hated to part with this quilt once it was done... it was so pretty and snuggly ( 100% cotton batting by Hobbs).  I guess I'm going to have to get around and make myself one.  :)

Ok, time to fix some dinner here...


Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Power went out last night

so I wasn't able to blog before bedtime.  It was a pretty productive afternoon and evening.  In the afternoon, I quilted this
Just a basic large meander with Black Glide thread on top and Black MagnaGlide on the bottom.  Then it was on to binding and the label.  All in all, it took me about three hours ( the binding was already made and I grabbed a scrap of muslin for the label).

Then last night, before the power went out, I worked on the current Vintage Tin block.  Didn't quite finish it before the power went out - and didn't take a pic either... I'll do that tonight.

Tomorrow, it looks like I'll be working on a sample row for one of the local quilt shops Row by Row pattern.  I was in the shop today and she was telling me about having to change from one fabric supplier to another because she didn't have enough for the kits and to order from the one company would cost an outrageous amount.  Her mother suggested that she hire me to test the block instructions and make a sample out of the new fabrics;  I told her I'd be glad to do it - no pay necessary.  While there, I bought fabric for a future Christmas gift ( so I can't show you) and ordered a 32 oz bottle of MaryEllen's Best Press.  She had smaller bottles in stock, but they were the Linen scented and I prefer the Lavender.  I forgot to ask how long it will take to get it in.  :(  I'm pumping on fumes.

Ok, guess that's it for now... since I didn't sleep well last night due to thunderstorms, power outage, and a couple of wierd dreams, I think I'm going to go take a nap.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Almost done

This is going a lot faster than I thought it would... I worked on it for two hours tonight while watching America's Got Talent and got quite a bit done.

Earlier today, I joined in with Amanda at on this month's quilt a long.  I'm doing my strings a little differently because I used phone book pages so that I don't have to worry about the pieces curving.  Since I decided that I'd do the larger quilt, I need 100 strip blocks, which isn't as bad as it sounds - I whipped out 20 while listening to two movies this afternoon.   This will be another charity quilt and I think I'll be using the same green fabric that I used for the black, white & green one that I just finished ( well, it still needs to be quilted).

I've got LOTS of strings...

The top pic is strings that I plan on using next.  Behind them, you can kind of see the string blocks I've already made.  Bottom pic is the tub of strings that I have ... I have a feeling that I might be able to get at least one more string quilt out of it - I'd be fine if there wasn't, but another one won't hurt.

OK, bedtime for me


Monday, June 12, 2017

Making progress

...slow but steady... the current block in progress is almost half done...
It's not a very good pic, but I was sitting down and didn't want to get up... I still have some tree folage to do towards the middle and then I can move on to the other half of the block.  That diagonal line running from lower right to upper left with a wavy line at the end is basting stitches that I'm cutting as they get in the way of my stitching.  You'll see some in the upper left corner, too... I clipped in between the two lines so that I could work on the tree and some of the foliage behind the barbecue building.

That's it, though... no other 'quilting' today.  Maybe I'll go clean up and run Mo'e tomorrow... or maybe not :).