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Monday, February 20, 2017

Second Saturday post

It's the end of the day and I managed to make two more of the Merrie Christmas blocks.... three down and six to go :).  I do have to go back and finish the tree stand in the third block; I want to add some fancy stitching for decoration, but I couldn't find my stitch guide so it will have to wait a bit.  I also have some hand stitching to do - that can be done while watching my night time tv shows either a block or two at a time or I can wait til all are done and do the handwork then - we'll see.


Sunday, February 19, 2017


I have finished two quilts so far this holiday weekend... here's the first.... and here's the second one...
picture doesn't do it justice... the background is a BRIGHT orange & yellow.
I wish the grass was greener, but at this time of year, I'm more thankful that it's not covered with snow!  Can't believe how warm it is this weekend... in the 60's yesterday and supposed to reach a high of 58 degrees today.  I'm LOVIN' it!... too bad I'm inside working on quilts.

Lunchtime for me right now, then back to the 'salt mine'.  I'm in the midst of working on the CHRISTMAS wallhanging - block H.

Have to make a run to the Hen House tomorrow bright and early... I need about 2 more yards of beige/khaki Kona cotton for the backing of the quilt that's ready to load onto Mo'e.  Hopefully she has it... if not, she did have the prints that I used on the top so I can sub with one of those if need be.  Crossing my fingers for the Khaki, though.

Ok, time to EAT.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Short and sweet

I started the quilting on my Feb UFO ( Sister's Choice) yesterday - got about 1/3 done by last night.  This afternoon, I spent close to five hours working on it and was able to finish the body, which means I only have the borders to quilt - hopefully tomorrow but might be the day after since hubby has ANOTHER dr appt and then we need to stop and get a few groceries on the way home.
I really like the pattern that I ended up with... half circle with feather inside/underneath.  It's not one I saw someone else do; the one I saw was an arc/half circle with a circle inside a loop underneath... I played with that and then realized that it didn't HAVE to be a loop with a circle and I played around a little bit more and came up with the traditional feather pattern.  Quite proud of myself.  Now, if I could just figure out what to do in the borders.  I'm thinking half circles - maybe different sizes so that when I come to a corner, I won't go "Oh crap! This isn't going to fit!!".

I made a quick stop at The Hen House before guild meeting tonight and bought black fabric for backing for the orange & black quilt that's going on the frame next.  It's not on my UFO list but probably should have been.

This weekend, I plan on getting caught up on my BOM's since I know there are two more on their way here via USPS.  I need to catch up so I don't get too far behind.

Guess that's it for tonight...


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Feast or Famine

 FAMINE -After struggling to make a block for Alamo Quilt Shops monthly fat eighth exchange, I quit trying to make anything.  The block is beautiful, BUT it finished at 12" on one side and 12 1/4" on the other... I needed it to be 12 1/2" unfinished!

In the meantime, I was waiting for pre wound bobbins to come in from Superior Threads so that I could start working on my Feb UFO.  Thought I had the quilting design pretty much figured out when it dawned on me that there are STARS... scratch those ideas and find something else.  After chatting with friend, Colette, and watching endless videos and checking Pinterest, I came up with a design for the body of the quilt ( the border is still without an idea)... that's the pic above.  It might have been nicer - and quicker - if I made the motifs larger but I'm using the largest circle I have.  I like it!!  Going to take quite a while to finish it, though... this quilt is HUGE!  the backing is 2.5 yds wide and three  widths of fabric long (front to back) and the quilt top is something like 88"x 92".

FEAST -Guild has sew in this weekend, but hubby has dr. appt at noon on Friday and I'm not comfortable leaving him for more than an hour or two so I'll be staying home and sewing/quilting.  I haven't worked on any of this month's BOM's and I'd like to do another block in the CHRISTMAS quilt... and there's a new BOM coming in the mail any day now.  AND, I still haven't touched the Amish with a twist UFO that I wanted to finish last month.  There's a wall hanging top on my design wall just waiting to be quilted - it's next after I finish Sister's Choice ( the one on the frame now) and after I buy backing fabric for it.  I also need to see if I can find the scraps of black batting I had in hopes there's enough to piece together and use with the wall hanging.... infact, I'd better do it now while I think of it.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

another not very productive day

I woke up too early again this morning and ended up coming out and sleeping another three hours or so on the couch.  Once I did get up, I was nauseous - felt perfectly fine except for the nausea and dry heaves.  The only thing I could figure out was that I had taken two of my meds on an empty stomach; I've done it before without a problem... guess I won't be forgetting to eat before taking them again.

Took hubby and dropped him off at Barnes & Noble this afternoon once I felt better.  While he was book/jigsaw puzzle shopping, I went down to JoAnn's with coupons in hand ( 40 and 50% off today only).  I was looking for some crochet thread, but didn't see anything I really liked that would work for what I needed it for.  Found something else to use instead and then bought 4 yds of Kona white to use for the quilt I want to make with the fun Auntie Acid fabric fat quarters that I received from one of my cousins at Christmas.
 While standing in the checkout line, I picked up two magazines - one was Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks and guess what!!  they're 12 1/2" UNFINISHED blocks - just what I need for the AQC monthly challenge.... picked out one - foundation pieced - and thought I had the second one picked until I realized that it would require a solid fabric background.  Since the challenge involves fat eighths, I can't make a 12 1/2" square background, so I'll have to search out something else.  There is another one that's pretty cool... a big question mark right in the middle of the block - and it's pieced so I don't have to have a solid background piece.... think I'll have to do a practice one to see if I can do it.  I don't have a very good track record with trying to make blocks with this method - something it wouldn't hurt to learn, I guess.  :)
Oh, and got a call from Superior Threads today... I had ordered a dozen cream BOBs ( prewound bottomline threads), but they were out and wanted to know if I wanted a substitute color or a refund.  It's going on the back of the quilts so doesn't have to match the Cream Glide thread that I use on top so I told her that Ivory would do.  Can't do any quilting until it gets here.  ....well, and until I get the old gooseneck lamp off and the new one onto Mo'e, too.  Quilting by flashlight is not a lot of fun, trust me.

Guess that's it for tonight... TTYL

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My bad

I noticed earlier today that I haven't posted in a week... OOPS!  It's not like I haven't been busy quilting because I have been.  Not working on my little red & white BODs, but working on plenty of other things; I'll get back to the BODs sometime SOON.

Since it has been a week, I guess I should have checked out my last post to see where I left off so that I can catch up with what's been going on in the meantime.

Here's the two placemats I made with charity fabrics; I'll donate them to the church that lets us use a room for our meetings for their annual Bazaar in the fall.
 I also made another doll quilts, but apparently I didn't take pics - will take care of that in a minute.  I'll have to take a pic of the doll quilt gone wrong, too - made lemonade out of lemons with it :)...
 I wanted to make a quick and easy doll quilt with the wide borders that are brought around from the back.  Everything was going fine until, apparently, I stitched the mitered corners wrong.  This is what I ended up with, 

which is fine - it will go to the local animal rescue center and they can either let a small dog use it or pass it along to someone who fosters cats.

This is my Paint Chip Challenge from last year.  The top was done, but I hadn't gotten around to the quilting part until last week.  I had purchased a flying geese acrylic template specifically for this quilt, and, although you can't see it in these pics, I did use it.  Figuring out what I wanted in the squares was easier than I thought it would be... the center and the stars were another story -  I could not figure out what to put in them.  If they were 'talking' to me, I certainly wasn't hearing them.

 This is what I finally ended up doing for the center of the quilt.  I like all of it except maybe the swirly filler.
 Here's the completed top hanging over Mo'e.
 and here's the back... I used the palest pink that was left from the top because that's what I had the most of... stitched it to the dark blue 'yardage' that was left.  I should have used a lighter thread in the bobbin, but I'm almost out of pre wounds ( more ordered) and since I was using dark blue for 96% of the top, I needed something that would 'match' the top thread... we won't tell that the bobbin was actually a very dark green lol.  Oh yeah, and I had to finish quilting part of this by flashlight!  The gooseneck lamp that's attached to Mo'e decided to short out on me.  Friday, I called the dealer for help... he had a used one in the shop that he'd sell me for $20 and he'd ship it to me for $10 - I told him he had a deal.... it arrived today... YAY!!
 This next one is Sisters Choice...a scrappy quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter.  I can't remember when I finished the top; it's probably been at least four years.  Right now, it's just laying on Mo'e's frame because I need 7 1/2 YARDS of backing fabrics, which means I'll probably be stitching at least three different fabrics together for it.  This is the largest quilt I've done on Mo'e... measures something like 88" x 98" ( can't remember exact measurements but I have them written down - in the other room).  I'm still working on deciding what I want to quilt on it... I'm thinking a curled feather for the 'football' shaped blocks and continuous curves for the four patch blocks - it's the nine patch blocks that have me stumped... I think I even have a good idea of what I'll put on the narrow border.  THINK, Carol, THINK.

Then last night, I spent a couple of hours working on this block... I'm in a BOM with Alamo Quilt Company where they send you fat eighths (five, I think) each month for $5 a month and then you have to make two blocks out of only those fabrics ( you don't have to use all you are sent but you can't add any of your own fabrics).  Each block has to measure 12 1/2" unfinished.  I had gone to to see what I could find in the block size required.  I found three that I liked, and decided to try one since it (all three actually) says they are 12" - doesn't say finished or unfinished so I had to do a practice block.... it came out 12" unfinished, which means it's too small and I'll have to start looking again.  I have a couple of weeks to complete the blocks and get them sent back to AQC to enter a drawing where I have a chance of winning 12 blocks made from this month's fabrics.
Carol's Star ( that's the real name of it)

Ok, I think I'm caught up.  Not feeling real hot today - needing LOTS of sleep, so no sewing today.  I guess I can go check my stash for the backing fabrics for Sisters Choice, then it will be ready when I'm feeling up to sewing again - hopefully, tomorrow or at least by the weekend.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Nothing done today

Took hubby into ER when he started having trouble catching his breath after walking the dog... spent most of the day there.  Came home in time to fix dinner and for me to walk the dog TWICE.
Appt with the Cardiologist tomorrow afternoon and then medical supply company coming on Wed. afternoon to set hubby up with a in-home oxygen tank.
Satellite dish people coming on Friday afternoon.

Probably no more quilting for me until the weekend.  :(