Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I got another quilt loaded onto Mo'e today...another HUGE one  about 95" x 95" before quilting ( of course)

 no quilting yet - couldn't decide HOW to quilt it... went on pinterest and found something that will work....
 I was also pondering about the thread color... the backing is a Kona solid Khaki and, of course, I don't have any prewound bobbins in that color ... I did find a rust in So-Fine that will work for the top and will have to work for the backing - I'll just have to wind bobbins before I start the quilting.

Still waiting on my cream magna glide bobbins - it's been more than two weeks since they contacted me and said that it's on backorder but they should have some soon.  They'd better hurry up... I'm pretty sure I'll be needing the cream for the next quilt on my to-do list  -
this one still needs the side borders added, but that won't take long - then it will be ready to go onto Mo'e.

Ok, bedtime for me.... dr appointments for both hubby and myself tomorrow - and guild tomorrow night.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Stars in My Garden - DONE DONE DONE

All I have left to do is hand stitch the two remaining sides of the label... ((((( doing happy dance)))))... as much work and PIA moments I had with this quilt and it still ended up a little wonky; I think it's one of my favorites - too bad I'm not keeping it.  It goes to a second cousin, who's birthday just happens to be today.  I'll be taking it to guild next week - when others are showing their April UFO's, I'll show this one - I already showed my April one since it was finished first.  Sure hope next month's UFO is a simpler one.

Since the March and April UFO's are now done.. and there's five more days left in this month, I'm going to try and get caught up on my BOM's - one of which I completely forgot about and I'm not even sure that I have all the pattern pieces -- technically, it's not a BOM, -- think it was a 16 week project with one block being released each week - I can't remember where I left off....

First up, though, is catching up on my Sindy Nedermyer (sp?) Caught Ya!  BOM... I completed Jan.'s pair, but the background is going the opposite way than the other block backgrounds so I want to re-do them... hoping I can just unstitch the fish and move them over to new backgrounds; I don't use fusible so it MIGHT be possible.  If not, I'll just have to start over.

Ok   tv programs are on...


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rip It Rip It Rip It

That's what I've done for the past two days.... ripped out the quilting I did around the applique'... finally finished after dinner tonight.  I sprayed water over the holes left behind - I had done the same thing last night and it did seem to shrink the holes.  Now, I probably won't get back to quilting it until Friday or Saturday since I put off paying bills and grocery shopping today so that I could continue the 'unstitching'; they were predicting a thunderstorm for this afternoon ( which didn't happen - just a little rain) and I wasn't going to be loading groceries into the car and taking them back out once home if it was raining.  Hopefully, weather will be better tomorrow - I've been out of diet pepsi since yesterday and chocolate is just about gone, too.

Tonight, after I finished the unstitching, I made a label for the quilt and then went back to work on the quilt top that I laid out at the library last Friday.  All the rows are now together and just waiting for the two side borders, so maybe I'll get to quilt it as soon as I finish the one that's on Mo'e now.  I did take a pic of the almost completed top..
I'm really beginning to like this quilt... a lot.... especially since I know what I'm using for the backing... I am going to have to go get another 1/2 yd of Kona white at one of the LQSs - not enough left from what I had to do the binding and that's what I want to use.

I've really got to get back to my BOMs.. I'm sooo far behind ( like Feb. on some)... one I haven't even started.  Maybe next weekend I can finally start getting caught up.

Ok  time for bed...


Monday, April 17, 2017

Time to catch up (again)

Here's my April UFO... completed - Glide Cream thread on top and Ivory bottomline in the bottom.  It's the one for my granddaughter and almost matches the one I made for myself... her's has a pink background and mine has white.  I had some issues when I started quilting it and ended up ripping out stitches from the top inner row across and up to the top - arghhhh.  Got the tension fixed ( simple to do) then Mo'e decided that he didn't want to go any further.. I'd stop to adjust the ruler or move to get my body in front of Mo'e's head and hit start  - he wouldn't move until I went around to the back and turned the wheel... he wasn't stuck like can happen when you're at an intersection that has lots of fabrics... he just refused to move.  I called Jason at Gall to 'pick his brain'... he talked to Mike and they thought that MAYBE there was some dust caught inside back by the wheel and told me to use canned air to clean it out.  Well, I don't have canned air here at home ( I don't think helium counts) and I didn't want to get dressed just to go to Walmart to get some; I was going to wait until he stopped again and then I'd get dressed and go.  You know what.... it didn't happen again.... until today and just a gentle shove got him going again this time.  I will get some canned air when I go to get groceries on Wed.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's full of not just dust but probably some cat hair, too.  Finished this one up on Saturday and made & stitched on the binding & label before going over to family in Grand Ledge for Easter dinner yesterday.

Got home last night and loaded this one onto Mo'e.... It's my March UFO... yes, it seems like I did them backwards, but I had a lot to do to get the March one to the quilting stage, so started on the April one in the meantime.
I went to the sew in at the library on Friday afternoon... just for a couple of hours.... I thought I took a pic of what I did, but can't find it so I guess I didn't... what I did was lay out blocks for another quilt... not space here at home to do it and it had to be laid out in a certain pattern.  I used up a large packet I had of 5" squares... beautiful colors and the prints are kind of a mix between Stonehenge and Batik.

 Once back home, I started sewing the blocks into rows and then joining the rows together.. I have three sections of rows and then the side borders to do yet... bought a beautiful purple/blue fabric from The Hen House for the backing and binding... I was hoping to have it done this week, but the March UFO is going to take longer than I had thought ( and I'm pretty stiff and hurting so it's slow going).

I wasn't going to start quilting on the current quilt until today, but I couldn't wait and started last night... it's slow going.... after working on it for about 4-5 hours today this is as far as I've gotten...
the three borders and the outer sashing ON ONE SIDE.... maybe I shouldn't be doing such dense work around the applique' but I'm having fun 'winging it'.  Pretty pleased with it so far.  This was a good place to stop because I still haven't figured out what I want to do with the stars in the center.
It's a dark pic, but best I could do this time of night...

and on that note, I'll say

next morning:  as I was trying to go to sleep last night, I decided that I don't like all the stitching around the applique' and that I should really 'frog' it out and start again with less dense stitching. Maybe I will; maybe I won't... will decide in a little while when I get off this computer and out to Mo'e.

Monday, April 10, 2017


After a week of doing absolutely nothing at all quilt wise and then another week of 'frogging' (ripping out stitches), I don't have much of anything worthy of sharing.  I DID finish the top for my March UFO challenge, but it's not quilted yet
- I had put my second Garden quilt onto Mo'e thinking that I'd just do the same quilting as I did on the first one and it would be done in no time... which would have been true IF my tension had been right, but it wasn't and that's where the 'frogging' comes in.

Actually, that was a good idea in more ways than one... I found that some of my applique was not stitched down as well as it should have been.  Now that the top is separated from the batting and backing again, I can take it back to my domestic and restitch the 'floppies' down - using invisible thread.  I had planned to do it today, but with rainy weather and not enough sleep last night - and eye dr appt., I just didn't feel up to it.

Tomorrow afternoon, hubby has an appt with sleep dr so I probably won't get a whole lot done then either... and another appt with his cardiologist on Friday - sure messes up my week.

I'm also tired of watching to see if April the giraffe has her baby... I've been watching for at least a month - I'm beginning to think it's all a big hoax and she's just FAT.  LOL


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

pics of today's project Five done - Fifteen to go

 I'm having so much fun digging through my scraps to make blocks from Bonnie K. Hunter's ( "Pineapple" block.  Some of the fabrics look pale pink in the pics but they are actually a pale gold.  The pinwheels are 'bonus' blocks cut from the "pineapple" blocks and, I think they will be used for one or more doll quilts.

I did work on this month's UFO, too.  Tonight, while watching tv, I cut out all the applique' pieces... about 100, I think.  I know it took me over an hour.  I did the math and now know for sure that I need more bias tape for the vines... I probably have only about 1/2 of what I actually need.  Going to dig through the fabric stash again to see if I can find SOMETHING that will work.  If I can't, I'll wait til Thurs. to go to the Hen House to see if I can find something in the sale section that will work.  But first, I'll check my stash.  I've been trying to use only Phyllis' fabrics, but I know I had to sneak in a little of my own muslin/cotton so I guess it won't hurt if I sneak in a little bit more for the vines - going to have to do the same for the quilt backing - I don't have anything of hers that would be big enough.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Bit the bullet

I put off working on this month's UFO challenge over the weekend because I knew that I was going to have to try something that I hadn't tried before -making continuous bias tape for the vines in the applique' borders.
After watching a couple of videos on youtube, I decided that Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company had the easiest to understand.  I ended up watching her video a couple more times including while I was trying to get the edges lined up and pinned before sewing.  
Everything went ok until it came time to start the cutting on the lines with scissors.  Apparently I started down one line lower than I should have because as I was cutting it I noticed another line to the right - oh oh.  
Went back and cut on that line then back to the first one -alternating as I went until I got maybe 1/2 through the piece - then I just cut the one all the way to the end and then went back and cut the other one.

Next step was to fold the strips in half and stitch them wrong sides together... that was pretty easy - long, but easy  ( I think I have something like 200 feet of bias tape - according to Jenny's instructions).  Once that part was done, I was to slip my 1/2" plastic form inside the strip and twist it so that the seam lay flat on one side.  The 1/2" was a little too tight so I went with the next size down and everything came out great... long, again, but great.

Once that was done, it was time to take hubby to the eye doctor ( he had a GREAT checkup; no need for new glasses).  Once back home, I dozed on the couch for a few minutes before fixing dinner ( sauted salmon, seasoned french fries and fruit salad).

Dinner's over now and I think I'm going to head back in to gather fabrics for the applique' pieces with the plan to start working on those tomorrow.  Dancing with the Stars starts tonight and I think I might watch that for a bit.