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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

pics of today's project Five done - Fifteen to go

 I'm having so much fun digging through my scraps to make blocks from Bonnie K. Hunter's ( "Pineapple" block.  Some of the fabrics look pale pink in the pics but they are actually a pale gold.  The pinwheels are 'bonus' blocks cut from the "pineapple" blocks and, I think they will be used for one or more doll quilts.

I did work on this month's UFO, too.  Tonight, while watching tv, I cut out all the applique' pieces... about 100, I think.  I know it took me over an hour.  I did the math and now know for sure that I need more bias tape for the vines... I probably have only about 1/2 of what I actually need.  Going to dig through the fabric stash again to see if I can find SOMETHING that will work.  If I can't, I'll wait til Thurs. to go to the Hen House to see if I can find something in the sale section that will work.  But first, I'll check my stash.  I've been trying to use only Phyllis' fabrics, but I know I had to sneak in a little of my own muslin/cotton so I guess it won't hurt if I sneak in a little bit more for the vines - going to have to do the same for the quilt backing - I don't have anything of hers that would be big enough.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Bit the bullet

I put off working on this month's UFO challenge over the weekend because I knew that I was going to have to try something that I hadn't tried before -making continuous binding for the vines in the applique' borders.
After watching a couple of videos on youtube, I decided that Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company had the easiest to understand.  I ended up watching her video a couple more times including while I was trying to get the edges lined up and pinned before sewing.  
Everything went ok until it came time to start the cutting on the lines with scissors.  Apparently I started down one line lower than I should have because as I was cutting it I noticed another line to the right - oh oh.  
Went back and cut on that line then back to the first one -alternating as I went until I got maybe 1/2 through the piece - then I just the one all the way to the end and then went back and cut the other one.

Next step was to fold the strips in half and stitch them wrong sides together... that was pretty easy - long, but easy  ( I think I have something like 200 feet of bias tape - according to Jenny's instructions).  Once that part was done, I was to slip my 1/2" plastic form inside the strip and twist it so that the seam lay flat on one side.  The 1/2" was a little too tight so I went with the next size down and everything came out great... long, again, but great.

Once that was done, it was time to take hubby to the eye doctor ( he had a GREAT checkup; no need for new glasses).  Once back home, I dozed on the couch for a few minutes before fixing dinner ( sauted salmon, seasoned french fries and fruit salad).

Dinner's over now and I think I'm going to head back in to gather fabrics for the applique' pieces with the plan to start working on those tomorrow.  Dancing with the Stars starts tonight and I think I might watch that for a bit.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Made it by the hair of my chinny chin chin...

Here's the completed 3D quilt hanging in the guild's show... it had to be turned in by noon yesterday morning.  I stayed home from the guild meeting on Thurs. night because I still had to finish the quilting.. I got within a row and a half when Mo'e stopped working - just STOPPED.  I had felt some tugging, but couldn't find any wires hung up or anything.... until I looked a second time - that's when I noticed that one of the ecoder wires had come out again ( this is the same one that came out last summer and it cost me $300 to get it replaced).  Well, it's Thurs. night ( about 9 pm) and the quilt had to be done by morning... no time to wait til the next day to call the shop and schedule someone to come out.  What's a gal to do??

Well, I got to looking at it and it really looked like it had just been pulled out - meaning nothing looked broken beyond repair - and so I plugged the end back into the ecoder wheel... all the machine lights were on, but Mo'e wouldn't stitch; you couldn't even hear his motor running.  Sigh... so I admitted defeat and that the quilt wasn't going to make it into the show.

Went to bed with the ecoder still on my mind... about midnight, I jumped up and went back out to check it again.  MAYBE I had put it in backwards.  I tried to pull it back apart but couldn't without risking tearing the wires right out of the base piece.  Well, guess what!  Apparently it wasn't in tight and while trying to take it out, I guess I got it back in where it was supposed to be!!  He was running again!!!!  

So, there I was at midnight finishing up the last two rows.  Didn't take long... maybe half an hour - 45 minutes.  Hubby was awake when I went back to bed and I asked him to make sure that I was up no later than 9 the next morning - I still had to trim and stitch the binding & label on.

I was up at 8 ( his threat of ice cold water in my face might have been a deciding factor to me waking up early) and gave myself an hour to wake up ( didn't want to be still fuzzy headed while trying to trim the quilt and add the binding).

The binding itself didn't take but a very few minutes since I'd already decided to use leftovers from previous projects and only had to join a few together.  I ended up joining almost twice what I needed, but better too much than too little.  I also had to remind myself to put the binding onto the back first so that I could just bring it around to the front and machine stitch it down ( no time for hand stitching a binding down - like I'd do something like that anyway).  Two sides of the label was caught in the first binding stitches and because I was short on time, I just applied a dot of glue to the loose corner and called it good.  I'll hand stitch it down once the show is over.

It took me about an hour and a half to trim/square up and sew on the binding.  Grabbed some clothes ( ok, I put them on before leaving the house), the other quilts I was entering and out the door I went... made it there just about 11 a.m.... definitely not the first one there, but also not the last.

 Because I was running so late getting the quilt completed, I didn't have time to toss it in the washer and dryer before the show like I had intended to, so before they were to hang it, I spent some time with my sticky roller trying to get as much cat hair and general fuzz off as I could.    While I'm doing it, other guild members are coming over and admiring the quilt - they'd never thought to use string blocks in a layout like this and remarked how the black really made the string blocks pop.  I hope some took the time to notice all the quilting I did as I'm pretty proud of it... ok, so some of the diamonds in the sashing are 'wonky' - who cares.

Ok, that's it for tonight.... going back to the quilt show about 1 tomorrow afternoon and will just visit with members and visitors until it's time to take the quilts down about 3.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Progress Made!

Whee!!  I finished all the quilting with the black thread ...
on to the white thread quilting tomorrow.  Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I should be able to have it done in time for the show this weekend; it has to be delivered to the show on Friday morning in order to be in the show.

Yeah, lots of wrinkles/puckers in the white bottom border; I've sprayed with water and pinned down hoping that they will shrink out enough by morning.  I tried basting the border down but it was too puckered :(, so spraying is the next step... if that doesn't work, I'll try Best Pressed.

Feels so good to have this much done in just two days... and I'm really liking it.  Yes, there are 'oops' here and there, but if you stand 20 feet away, you won't see them.

Oh yeah, I was going to post a  pic last night but my phone battery was D E A D.  Here it is now....

Back to working on my March UFO this weekend.  Only about two weeks left to finish the top and then quilt it... guess I'd better find some backing for it.

Ok, off to watch tv for a bit before bedtime.


Monday, March 13, 2017

I'm making progress

I'd say that I'm at the half way point, but actually I'm not since I'm still stitching with the Glide Black and still need to go back and quilt on the white sashings and borders... So I CAN say that I have three rows done with the black including the centers of the blocks along with working on the borders as I go.
I just went to post the pic of today's progress... oops!  battery died on my phone; going to have to charge it some before I can share any pics ( or do anything else with it).

In the meantime, I'm so anxious to get this charity quilt done and then my UFO challenge for this month.  I want to get back to my other projects and, hopefully, get caught up on them ... would love to get at least the Merrie Christmas wall hanging done so that I can start on something new.  I've got a couple of quilts that I can't wait to get started on.

Ok, phone is going to take awhile to charge up.. guess I'll go and play a couple games on FB... if it isn't charged enough by bedtime, I'll post the pic tomorrow along with a pic of tomorrow's progress.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Slow going

Despite telling myself that I NEED to get the charity quilt done so that it can hang in our guild's show next weekend, I haven't done anything towards getting it done.... until today.  Sometimes I work better under the pressure of a deadline.  
Part of my problem was that I wasn't sure how I was going to quilt it and I was watching lots of videos and leafing through my books... I think I finally decided what to do.   
This first pic is of the three borders... the white hasn't been quilted yet because I'm using black thread right now and will switch to the white when I'm done with the black.  The middle border isn't exactly like the pattern I saw on youtube but it's close enough.  

I'm lovin' the black inner border quilting...

That's all so far... and I probably won't do anymore tonight... it's Sunday and I want to watch my tv programs.  The quilt will still be there waiting when I'm ready to get back to it tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

quick update about nothing much

I didn't touch a quilt or fabric on Monday; don't know why, just didn't feel like it, I guess.  Yesterday, I didn't do a whole lot until after dinner ( which was late due to my falling asleep sitting up on the couch).  Quite a bit was accomplished considering I was only working for a couple of hours.

The last two sides of the inner border are on now
and I spent about an hour tracing the applique' pieces onto paper back fusible for the next border.  Now I need to make bias tape for the stems and fuse the pattern pieces to the appropriate fabrics.  I also started chain stitching more blocks for the 1/2 square triangles that I'll need for the outer border.

I REALLY need to get the 3D quilt top loaded onto Mo'e ( my midarm) and get to quilting on it but, for some reason, I'm just not doing it.... I guess I need to get closer to the deadline ( Thurs. the 16th) in order to get going :(.

Ok, that's my update...