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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We're up and running again

Loring was just here and installed the new ecoder ... simple enough job that IF it ever happens again, I can do it myself.  And he tightened the end of the bar that was occasionally falling off... it shouldn't happen again... thank goodness because it can be quite loud and startling when it happens.  I've even had my hubby call out asking if I'm ok after he hears the big THUD ( and a few cuss words from me ).
There's now a rattle in the frame that wasn't there before.  We checked all over trying to find the cause but couldn't find anything.  It could be because I usually have something laying on each end of the 'table'/'bed' and that weighs it down so that it doesn't vibrate as loudly; we'll see how it goes once I put the stuff back.  Loring also zip tied the wires in the back together so that they shouldn't get caught in the wheels or the corner of the carriage.

While he was here, I was talking to him about wanting to install my laser light on the front of my machine.  He'd never heard of anyone doing this, but didn't see why it wouldn't work.  I got the light out ( along with the parts to attach it to Mo'e's head... come to find out, there's a bracket missing.  It doesn't matter right now anyway, but would have caused confusion if I had tried to install it on the back).  Anyway, I told him what I thought I'd try and he got to looking - the next thing I know, he's unscrewing the clamp that's hold the control panel onto the handle bar and he's figured out how to add the laser light to the same clamp... Voila'  it's installed!

There won't be much getting done on Mo'e for the next few days... but at least he'll be ready when I have the time to get back to him.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Slow Sunday

I haven't accomplished much today other than a short nap and one little project.  It's probably a good thing since this coming week is going to be a busy one.
I'm supposed to lead a 'make and take' at guild meeting this coming Thursday night ( IF hubby is home from the hospital by then) so, although my friend, Colette, and I have done this project, I thought I'd try it again so that I'd have a few samples on hand to show at the meeting.

Here's the first one....before the alcohol was applied.... and here's the after

It didn't turn out nearly as well as it did when we tried before.  I tried on a second square and that one turned out better, but I couldn't get a decent pic.
Will keep trying.... at least a couple more times.  I don't know what the 'sparkles' are in the second pic; I'm assuming that it's droplets from the alcohol.

Monday, hubby, Buddy and I are going to K-zoo to visit hubby's brother.  When we got to talking about it, we realized we hadn't seen him since hubby's last stent surgery which was almost a year and a half ago.... and hubby was out of it & doesn't remember.  He keeps saying that he'll probably never see his brother again, and so I had to make sure that he got over there - and I'll try to see if we can't work something out so that they get together more often; maybe not monthly, but maybe every other month.
Tuesday, Loren/Loring comes to work on Mo'e; Wednesday morning (EARLY), hubby goes in for surgery ( again) ... apparently either one of his stents has clogged up or there's a new clog.  Hopefully, he'll do better than he did last time and will be back home on Thursday.  IF it's like last time, he may be in there until Friday or Saturday.

Off to play with fabric, Sharpies and alcohol until time to fix dinner...


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nothing Ventured... Nothing Gained

I didn't go down to The Hen House yesterday... instead, I spent most of the late morning and early afternoon watching Home Free on  Home Free is an a capella group that, in my opinion, is beyond words in talent.  The rest of the afternoon was spent paying bills and getting groceries, etc.

It's not that I didn't think about the Amish with a Twist May block -  I did - I thought about it a lot; trying to figure out what I can do, if anything, to get that missing 1/8" back.  Is an eighth of an inch all that important??  Probably not in most cases, but since I have to make a total of 8 of these blocks, it could make an inch difference in the construction of the quilt.

Do I simply move my needle over two more numbers?  That should give me a scant 1/4" seam, but will it give me the block size I need?  Could I move the needle over just one number - would it make a difference?  I'm sure I'm over thinking it, but I just don't want to make these blocks wrong; I'm half-way through the blocks for this quilt top and I really want to continue on until it's complete - no sitting around as an UFO.

Sorry, got sidetracked there.... I went and basted a second block together to see if MAYBE it was just the first block being a PITA.... nope!
 first block - can you see the difference in the distance between the light 'blue' points and the seamline?

Much better on this block....

The second block looks better along the joined seam line, but when I measured it, it's still 1/8" short.  Before basting it together, I tried moving the needle to the right and then placing the completed block seam under the foot and lowering the needle just short of the fabric... it MIGHT have laid right next to the seam line - not what I need.  Moved the needle over two more ( 4.2) and there was a slight difference.  That's when I decided to baste the second block together.  sigh.  Guess I'll be making a trip down to The Hen House later today.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Yesterday was going good... was trying out a new ruler and making rope borders on Mo'e.  He was acting up a little bit, but I couldn't figure out just what his problem was until SNAP - one of the ecoder wires broke.  Called Jason... it would probably have to be ordered and someone MIGHT be able to get out here next week to replace it - if not next week, I'll have to wait until after the Grand Rapids AQS show ( which isn't until the middle of August).  I'm certainly hoping that I don't have to wait that long... I have two charity quilts being handed to me on Thurs. night and I have to finish the quilt that's on him first.

I'm still trying to get caught up on my Amish with a Twist BOMs.  Started back on May's today and thought everything was working as close to perfect as I could hope... until I got the blue/black 1/2 square triangle stitched to the blocks.  It's supposed to finish at 16 1/2"; my first one finished at 16 3/8"...  1/8" narrower than it's supposed to be....arghhhh again.  Not sure what I did wrong; afraid to continue on with the rest... will probably wait until tomorrow and take it down to The Hen House to see if someone can help me.  I already measured the seam... it's 1/4" right on the nose.

I also got my Quilter's Teddy Bear out and the parts that are done are pinned on my design wall.  It's something that I've been working on here and there, and now I know why I haven't finished it... It's HARD!!  especially since I'm doing it backwards.  It's a paper piecing project - but this time you're supposed to put the pattern piece on the front side of the fabric instead of the back.  This silly woman didn't read that part of the directions until she got to the spot I'm at now... which is where there's a piece that just doesn't work with pattern on the back.  I think if I flip the pattern piece over and lay it on my lightbox to trace onto freezer paper, it SHOULD work... I just haven't tried it yet.  Now that it's up on the design wall and I see that it's about 3/4 done, maybe I'll get back to working on it... after I get my AWAT BOM caught up and a couple of other projects done.  If I can get them done within the next week, I can work on the Teddy Bear while the others are up at retreat, which is where I started it.

Time to fix dinner...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Semi Productive Weekend

It was sew in weekend with the guild gals this past weekend and I had decided that Friday ( charity quilt day) that I would start working on the string quilt I've been wanting to do; I call it a 3D string quilt - not sure it has an actual name, but it's one I've been emailing back & forth with another blogger about.  It was a slow start ( normal for me) but once I got going, I got quite a few blocks done.  While digging through my collection of strings, I found 9 blocks already done.. YAY!  so I only needed to make 11 more.  By the end of Friday, I had 8 done and Gloria had found some white yardage that I could use for the sashing.  Good end for a productive day.

Saturday morning, I slept until 9 a.m. ... so unusual for me.  It was probably close to 10:30 by the time I got to the library with my foggy brain and without breakfast.  Since I was still only semi-conscious, I didn't take any of my own projects to work on and decided that I'd just continue working on the string quilt blocks.  Not a whole lot was accomplished before lunch, but I made up for it after lunch.  By the end of the day, I had the remaining three blocks done and filled two more large phone book pages filled with strings.  The large phone book pages will be covered with strings ( sewn down, of course) and then cut in half lengthwise to make the outer borders for the string quilt.

I still need to trim the 11 I completed over the weekend and then remove all the papers - would be nice to get done before the next sew in so that I can just get to sewing the top together.

Speaking of tops... one of our new guild members put out a call for heart blocks that will go into quilts for survivors and/or family members of victims of that horrible massacre down in Orlando, Fl.
We told her that she didn't realize what she'd gotten herself in to - just from some of our guild members, she's already received enough blocks to make two quilt tops.  I told her that I would be glad to quilt it/them for her.  Mary Jean took  thirty blocks home with her on Friday night to piece together one top and Colette took almost thirty home with her for a second top.  Megan ( the new member) donated backing fabric and the guild will donate the batting.  I wouldn't be surprised if more blocks come in - we can always do a third if we get enough - if not, Megan can send the loose blocks in separately ( from the completed quilts).

In the meantime, I have a quilt on Mo'e that I need to get done... have been flipping back & forth on how I want to quilt it... I had a design in mind, but then decided I'd do a Baptist Fan and basted the entire quilt ( good thing it's small).  Now, I've changed my mind again and want to go back to the original choice since I've already SID a couple of rows - and that wouldn't need to be done on a BF.

Also doing laundry ( oh joy!  NOT lol) and other various puttering around.... right now, I need breakfast - or an early lunch ( it's 11 am).


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Almost Caught Up

I finished all six of the Christmas Row by Row blocks yesterday ( no pic) so I'm all caught up on that BOM.  Now it's back to working on the Amish with a Twist BOM - would try and work on it today, but hubby had three hours testing at cardiac dr's office this morning/afternoon, went to lunch afterwards and now it's 3:00.  I have cupcakes to make for the guild picnic and AGT is on again tonight, so I don't think sewing is in my schedule for today.

Yesterday, I got another quilt loaded onto Mo'e and top basted down, but that's as far as I got.  Not sure how I want to quilt it; thought I had a design in mind, but now I'm not sure that's what I want to do.  Luckily it's something like 58" x 70" so it shouldn't take long once I get started on it.  It has two borders and I think that's where I really want to stretch my skills and try something a little different than what I would normally do.  It may end up on Mo'e for a couple of weeks - we'll see.

Sew in with the guild gals this weekend... going to start a new string block quilt on Friday and I THINK I'll work on the five minute blocks on Saturday.  I have so much that I want/need to get done in the next few months; I've got to stop dilly dallying around and get down to business.

and on that note....


Monday, July 11, 2016

Blue Ribbons!

After all the 'sweating' I did over my 'secret' project, it was time to reveal it... at our local county fair.  It was all worth it because I got a BLUE RIBBON/ FIRST PLACE.  I'm so grateful - and excited that it did so well.
I also received a blue ribbon for my "I Love My Allstars" quilt. 
 I ALMOST switched it out for the recently completed Quilter's Garden in the Kids Quilts category, but decided that I'd wait and enter the pink version next year.

Coming in third place for piecing was my Goodnight Irene quilt... 
I might have placed better if I hadn't washed it before entering it, but since I've been using it for my daily naps, it had the smell of dog and hairs of cats on it so it HAD to be washed... and I didn't want to iron it, which might have helped.  I'm happy with just getting third place.

While waiting for the judging results, I worked on my Christmas Row by Row and finished the last three sets of these
Today, I've started working on the side border trees.... once those are done, I have to wait til next month to get the last block ... the gingerbread border cornerstones.  Then I can finish assembly and start looking for backing fabric so I can get it quilted BEFORE Christmas.  YAY!

Saturday, I ended up going back to bed instead of going to the quilt show with Cathy, Vicki and Joyce.  After getting another much needed 4 hours sleep, I went to the show by myself; not as much fun as going with friends, but I ran into several guild members and got to chat with them a bit.  I managed to keep my spending to a minimum when checking out the vendors... I did get a yard of fabric ( white print on black background) to add to my collection for a future dresden plate quilt for $4.00... Great deal!
Then I went to The Marshall House -  I shouldn't have, but it's part of going to the quilt show... you HAVE to go to the quilt shop afterwards ( that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it).  I did a little more retail therapy while there... picked up some more white on black fabrics and a pattern for a cross wallhanging that I thought my oldest daughter might like.  OH!  that just reminded me... her birthday is the end of this week and I haven't mailed off her gift & card yet.  Need to do it TODAY.