Monday, March 20, 2017

Bit the bullet

I put off working on this month's UFO challenge over the weekend because I knew that I was going to have to try something that I hadn't tried before -making continuous bias tape for the vines in the applique' borders.
After watching a couple of videos on youtube, I decided that Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company had the easiest to understand.  I ended up watching her video a couple more times including while I was trying to get the edges lined up and pinned before sewing.  
Everything went ok until it came time to start the cutting on the lines with scissors.  Apparently I started down one line lower than I should have because as I was cutting it I noticed another line to the right - oh oh.  
Went back and cut on that line then back to the first one -alternating as I went until I got maybe 1/2 through the piece - then I just cut the one all the way to the end and then went back and cut the other one.

Next step was to fold the strips in half and stitch them wrong sides together... that was pretty easy - long, but easy  ( I think I have something like 200 feet of bias tape - according to Jenny's instructions).  Once that part was done, I was to slip my 1/2" plastic form inside the strip and twist it so that the seam lay flat on one side.  The 1/2" was a little too tight so I went with the next size down and everything came out great... long, again, but great.

Once that was done, it was time to take hubby to the eye doctor ( he had a GREAT checkup; no need for new glasses).  Once back home, I dozed on the couch for a few minutes before fixing dinner ( sauted salmon, seasoned french fries and fruit salad).

Dinner's over now and I think I'm going to head back in to gather fabrics for the applique' pieces with the plan to start working on those tomorrow.  Dancing with the Stars starts tonight and I think I might watch that for a bit.