Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rip It Rip It Rip It

That's what I've done for the past two days.... ripped out the quilting I did around the applique'... finally finished after dinner tonight.  I sprayed water over the holes left behind - I had done the same thing last night and it did seem to shrink the holes.  Now, I probably won't get back to quilting it until Friday or Saturday since I put off paying bills and grocery shopping today so that I could continue the 'unstitching'; they were predicting a thunderstorm for this afternoon ( which didn't happen - just a little rain) and I wasn't going to be loading groceries into the car and taking them back out once home if it was raining.  Hopefully, weather will be better tomorrow - I've been out of diet pepsi since yesterday and chocolate is just about gone, too.

Tonight, after I finished the unstitching, I made a label for the quilt and then went back to work on the quilt top that I laid out at the library last Friday.  All the rows are now together and just waiting for the two side borders, so maybe I'll get to quilt it as soon as I finish the one that's on Mo'e now.  I did take a pic of the almost completed top..
I'm really beginning to like this quilt... a lot.... especially since I know what I'm using for the backing... I am going to have to go get another 1/2 yd of Kona white at one of the LQSs - not enough left from what I had to do the binding and that's what I want to use.

I've really got to get back to my BOMs.. I'm sooo far behind ( like Feb. on some)... one I haven't even started.  Maybe next weekend I can finally start getting caught up.

Ok  time for bed...